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Drew's Story, Health Matters with Dr Jeanne

In 2005 I had my miracle baby. The one doctors said I may not be able to have. A beautiful, healthy little boy that we named Drew. At about 18 months Drew started to develop Ezcema and allergies. Over the next year these worsened to include coughing and trouble breathing. After several trips to doctors, who would prescribe a growing list of non-working medications, and alternative health practioners who did their best but I still did not see any results. I finally asked to see his actual Pediatritian. Prior, it was whomever was on duty. Drew was 2 months shy of his 3rd birthday. This was November of 2007. His Pediatritian that day diagnosed him with Asthma, gave him nebulizer treatments in his office, which made Drew worse, showing the true depth of what was going on, and then told me that Drew would be a life long Asthmatic. I don't argue with doctors, but I vowed to myself right then and there that this would not be his life's story. And that I would not rest until this was fixed.  Adding to my resolve to change this was the fact that my father's brother died of asthma as a teenager. The conviction in my heart and mind was set and nothing was going to change it.
Two weeks later, by some miracle, I found myself sitting in a seminar that would change my life forever.  Sitting in my seat, as the instuctor talked about the health of people 100 years ago, compared that to today, and then what people used to eat 100 years ago, again compared to today.  It was a "light bulb" moment and I started to cry. I knew I had found what was going to save Drew, and me and I would finally arrive at my life's purpose, a journey I had set out to accomplish so long ago. I signed up for the training right then and there. Called Drew's Dad and told him my plan. The training was in Florida, my parents lived there in the winter. Drew and I would go for the winter, I would start my training and find someone to help him get started on a program. At that time there were not many Advanced Trained Clinicians. This muscle testing technique, called Nutrition Response Testing, was still fairly new. But there was someone in Florida. So I borrowed my parents car, I drove Drew nearly 2 hours each way every week to get him started. In the first week Drew went from 10 different medications (some over the counter) down to 3. Ezcema that had been there for nearly 2 years was gone in 48 hours. I knew we were on to something. Drew continued to improve and do better and better. However, if he got a cold or flu, his asthma would still flare up, and he dealt with seasonal allergies. He was declared Asthma free by his allergist at one point, but something happened and it came back. Most would be happy with where he was and how far he had come, but I wasn't. I wanted it gone 100%.

Fast foward to freshman year high school. April of 2020. I bought a new device called The Heart Sound Recorder.

This graphs the sounds of the closing of the heart valves. It is not medical and dose not diagnose anything. It simply shows what the body is missing, nutrition wise. Because the hearts gets all nutrition first. So if the heart didn't have it, it was missing everywhere.

Drew was trying to run Cross Country but couldn't. He couldn't keep up with his team during the practices or the meets. He would have to stop and walk. Many times he would have trouble breathing after a strenuous run and slumped over would try using an inhaler to open his lungs. (By the way, this was not told to me until a few months ago. Drew is now a senior) I ran this graph on Drew and saw that his heart muscle was missing some absolutely essential B vitamins for strong muscle development and contraction.

These B vitamins can not be manufactured in a lab, so no supplements contain them. Except the ones I use because they are acutally grown on an organic farm in this country. The company was started in 1929. It's call Standard Process, but you have to be a licensed health care provider to get them.

I started Drew on them and here are the results. 

Fall- Freshman Year Cross Country Can't finish practice or meet/can't keep up with his team/trouble breathing with exersion. 
Spring Freshman Year- Run Heart Sound Recorder, put him on exact nutrition he needed and wasn't getting.
Fall Sophmore Year- I over hear the coach tell Drew, at the end of the season, that if someone had told him he would make this much progess in one season, he would not have believed it.

Junior Year Cross Country- End of season Banquet coach anounces Drew as the fastest runner of the juniors and he predicts him to be the fastest runner the next year, as a senior.

Senior Year Cross Country- Captain, Fastest runner at his school, Wins 2 metals, Featured twice in local newspaper, Named MVP and All Star, Wins NEC (North East Conference) award to represent his school as top athlete. Banquet is in one week and he may win another 1-2 awards. 

Below are pictures 1 year and 3 months apart after being on the exact nutrition his body needed, and didn't have.


                                         Junior Year                                                                                        Senior Year-
                                      1 year, 3 months apart. Only change was whole food supplements

                                     Pretty cool, right?-  Not only this, look at these next two pictures.    

                                              May 2020                              May 2023

Drew's Story


This is the power of the right nutrition

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