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What Our Patients Say

Alexa Young, CA


I have been seeing Dr. Jeanne since July and I do not know where I would be without her! After many countless doctors appointments and no answers, she was finally able to tell me what the route cause of my symptoms were. I had horrible digestion to the point where it felt like I couldn’t even get water down, bloating, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and so much more. She has helped me detox the past few months with the help of supplements and I have had amazing progress that I don’t think I could have achieved with out her help. She is so knowledgeable and truly caring about her patients! She was the first person to make a difference in my health after so many others had failed and I would recommend her to anyone.

Ana R

I walked into Dr. Jeanne's office feeling like and old 40 something, with aches and pains and other weird aliments. 6 weeks later I feel alive again, I have a pep back in my step and I am off medications and feel healthy. Sometimes I wonder how she knows what she knows but, who cares because she is amazing!!!

Jenifer G

I am very grateful that I found Dr. Jeanne. I had tried for years to find a solution to my health problems. The very first visit she knew where the problem was and how to help me. I had tried many places before her and they could not help me. Now today I have more energy then ever and my problems are resolved. She taught me so much. Very happy with the results.
Rachael G 
I have been with Dr. Jeanne Barry for 9 years. I had been throwing up for 10 months and went to see a gastroenterologist. I was not able to find any answers. Within 3 days of seeing Dr Barry, I had stopped throwing up. She also is one of the nicest and most caring people I know. Anyone that wants to find some answers and wants to start a healthy life style, should go see Dr. Jeanne
Michael M
Dr Jeanne is incredible! I was getting UTI every month and I went to a unrinay specialist who was going to do a procedure and put me on a year of antibiotics. I knew from the past my body could not handle all that antibiotics. The doctor said that there was no other option. This was when I turned to Dr. Jeanne. Within the first week of seeing her I felt so much better. The first month went by without a UTI and I couldn’t believe it. A few more months went by and still same results. Dr. Jeanne is amazing at what she does and was life changing for me. 
  Julia M 
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