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About Us

Jeanne and Drew

My son Drew and I.

His story is why I do what I do. 

Click the link below and see how I made the impossible, possible.

Hello, Thank you for being here. My name is Dr. Jeanne Barry. I've had a purpose to people as far back as I can remember. My Mom was a Registered Nurse, and I grew up wanting to do that also. I became a Registered Nurse, moved to Boston, and worked at two Harvard medical teaching hospitals. But the amount of sickness and suffering I was seeing led me to want to do something about it. I wanted to try to prevent what I was seeing in these hospitals. I left nursing and became a Doctor of Chiropractic. And then in 2007 when my son, who was 2 1/2 years old, was diagnosed with Asthma, and it was predicted to be life long, I changed my career again. I vowed that this was not going to be his life's story. I went on to become an Advanced Clinical Nutritionist. It took three more years of part time schooling.

In my now more 15 years of experience in clinical nutrition, not only is my son a top athlete, (Click the "Drew's Story" button) but I have also succcessfully helped hundreds of people solve many of today's most common health complaints. While I do not diagnose or cure anything, I am able, in most cases, to find the underlying root cause of these unwanted, non resolving, health complaints. Once I find and fix  the cause, my patients are not only able to get their health back, but they are able to get their life back as well! 


The root cause of many of today's non-optimum health issues are the hidden barriers to health. These barriers, or stressors to healing, can prevent the body from working properly. That's when symptoms begin. The longer these symptoms  go on, the more the body breaks down. That's why you often see symptoms getting worse over time, not better. And the reason nothing has worked so far to fix it, is because the actual root cause was never identified. These barriers that block healing and can steal people's health, are most often different types of toxins. Mold, Parasites, Pathogens,  Environmental Chemicals and Heavy Metals to name a few, along with a growing number of nutritional deficiencies. Often times it is a combination of the above, but I find nutritional deficiencies in every case. The key to recovery of health and vitality always involves, in my opinion and experience, the right nutrition.


The good news is, once found and fixed, healing and restoration of health occurs, often beyond the person's (and many times their own Doctor's) expectation.

I have a purpose, and that is to help as many people as I possibly can, experience the joy of living a healthier, happier life! And I believe in making the impossible, possible. 

May You Never Be the Same!

Your's in Health

Dr. Jeanne

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